Chief Aaron Thramer (Amanda)

Serving since 2006

Rookie of the Year 2007

Firefighter of the Year 2016

Other fire department roles: Instructor/Captain/Lieutenant 

Hobbies: Competition BBQ, Hockey & Motorcycles.  


Assistant Chief James Groseclose (Jenny)

Serving since 2000

Firefighter of the Year 2012

Other fire department roles: Treasurer/Captain 

Hobbies: Jeepin and shooting


Assistant Chief Don Ward (Debbie)

Serving since 1993

Firefighter of the Year 2010

Rookie of the Year 1994

Other fire department roles: Secretary/Treasurer/VP/President/Instructor

Hobbies: Hunting, motorcycle riding, 


Truck Company 1

Captain Bailey Lawrence

Serving since 2018


Lieutenant Karl Hulin (Nancy)

Serving since 2020

Rookie of the year 2021


Firefighter/Secretary Trenton Bush

Serving since 2016

Other fire department roles: Vice President/Cadet Advisor/LT/Captain


Firefighter Kevin King

Serving since 2022


Firefighter Lane Kester

Serving since 2022



Firefighter Aaron Fowler (Tricia)

Serving since 2023


Firefighter Sara Morandi (Joseph)

Serving since 2023


Firefighter Michael Streeter

Serving since 2024



Cadet Abby V.

Serving since 2023

Cadet Aleyah C.

Serving since 2024


Serving since 



Truck Company 2

Captain/President Ted Jeitz (Sarah)

Serving since 2009

Firefighter of the year 2015

Other Fire Department roles: VP, LT, Cadet Advisor


Lieutenant Dustin Anderson (Rylee)

Serving since 2020

Other fire department roles: Cadet Advisor

Firefighter/EMT Andy Anderson (Cheryl)

Serving since 2012

Firefighter of the Year 2017

Other fire department roles: Chaplain/Instructor/Cadet Advisor/LT/Asst Chief

Hobbies: Fishing, skiing, hiking, traveling, jujitsu, writing, woodworking


Firefighter Nicki Stearns (Wayne)

Serving since 2016

Rookie of the year 2017

Other fire department roles: Secretary/Instructor/LT

Hobbies: Metal Detecting

Firefighter/EMT Zech Kari

Serving since 2023

Firefighter: Ricky Rysavy

Serving since 2023

Firefighter Jacey Fowler

Serving since: 2024


Cadet Ashlynn T.

Serving since 2023

Cadet Dylan J.

Serving since 2024


Serving since: 


Truck Company 3

Captain Zane Adolph 

Serving since 2018

Rookie of the year 2020

Firefighter of the year 2021

Other fire department roles: LT


Lieutenant/VP PJ Sloan (Brandi)

Serving since 2007

Rookie of the Year 2008

Firefighter of the Year 2014

Other fire department roles: Instructor/VP/President/Cadet Advisor/LT

Firefighter Bob Jonasen (Carol)

Serving since 2018

Rookie of the year 2019

Other fire department roles: LT, Secretary

Firefighter Kaidan Zook (Mollie)

Serving since 2022

Hobbies: Disc golf, biking, snowboarding


Firefighter Chris Reeves

Serving since 2022

Rookie of the Year 2023

Hobbies: Cars, video games, baseball


Firefighter Levi Kidd

Serving since 2023

Firefighter Tyler Kidd

Serving since 2024


Cadet: Evan M.

Serving since 2023


Cadet: Jordan H.

Serving since 2024



Serving since 


Truck Company 4

Captain/VP Nathan Wiedow (Jody)

Serving since 2017

Rookie of the Year 2018

Firefighter of the Year 2023

Other fire department roles: LT, Instructor, VP

Hobbies: Hunting, fishing

Lieutenant Charles Quenzer

Serving since 2020

Firefighter James Moross 

Serving since 2010

Rookie of the year 2011

Other fire department roles: Assistant Chief/Captain/LT.  

Firefighter Nicholas Loper

Serving since 2012

Firefighter of the year 2019

Other fire department roles: President/Cadet Advisor/LT/Captain

Firefighter Rik Bartels (Stephanie)

Serving since 2012

Other fire department roles: Lieutenant/President

Firefighter/EMT Cory Carmichael (Jessica) 

Serving since 2014

Other fire department roles: Captain/Lieutenant

Firefighter Lisa Smith

Serving since 2019

Firefighter Matt Ogaard (Kellie)

Serving since 2021

Cadet: Dominik Q.

Serving since 2023



Serving since 



Serving since